Welcome to At The LAKE Designs

At The LAKE Designs came about organically with the help of my 2 teenage children and the encouragement of my husband. During the Covid restrictions in the summer of 2020, my kids and I decided, as a good distraction, to design a logo for our cottage's lake name and have it printed onto some shirts to wear when up north. We love our time spent on Ril Lake and feel very proud and privileged to be part of the Muskoka, cottage country experience. Wearing our lake's name was our way of showing our appreciation of lake life. Turns out many other cottagers on our lake felt the same way. We began to get a lot of compliments on our lake gear and questions on where to get some for themselves.

Fast forward to February 2021...I decided to take my design and create "Ril Lake Gear" to all the interested cottagers on our lake.  In early spring 2021, I posted the product through our Facebook Lake Association Group and had amazing response! With all the positive feedback regarding the logo itself, we decided to branch out and offer our logo style for all lakes and here we are!

Welcome to AT THE LAKE DESIGNS, hope you enjoy.